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Monograph: A Time of Change. A Time for Change: Results and Recommendations from the Americans for the Arts Environmental Scan (PDF)

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When AMS Planning & Research began working with Americans for the Arts on its strategic planning process, an essential part of the effort was a comprehensive national environmental scan. The scan explored opportunities and challenges facing America’s arts and culture sector by gathering input from more than 6,000 individuals who represent the breadth of the field. The process included literature review, interviews, focus groups, online surveys, and conference workshops. Over the course of AMS’s research, it heard many common refrains from participants—regardless of artistic discipline, geography, or organization’s budget size: the world is changing at a rapid speed and old strategies are becoming increasingly less effective. Participants reiterated their firm beliefs that arts and culture are a central element of the American experience and that it is important that the sector continue to serve its essential role in society as observer, commentator, critic, motivator, community builder, and educator. We were fortunate that so many diverse individuals and organizations offered their observations and insights.
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Author: Steven A. Wolff and Joshua Borenstein
Book Info: 16 pp, report (2009)
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: Mon-April2009