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Americans for the Arts Online Store features publications in the various subject areas listed below. Under Gift Items you can find handmade items, jewelry, and other on miscellaneous items. Search the store by key word or click a subject area above and browse.

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Featured Products
duffel bag

Duffel Bag

This retro styled Americans for the Arts duffel bag is perfect for a quick trip to the gym or carry-on for your business and leisure travels.
Member: $40.00



Swag Pack w/ Blue Tumbler or Red Tumbler

Available with a Blue or Red Tumbler
Swag Packs feature items adorned with the Americans for the Arts logo.
Member: $30.00


2014 Public Art Year in Review Download

Exemplary Public Art Projects
The 2014 Public Art Network Year in Review is an excellent educational and advocacy tool for advancing public art in your community.
Member: $40.00


Arts, Inc.

Factors that undermine art, artistry, and cultural heritage in America
In this impassioned and persuasive book, Bill Ivey, the former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, assesses the current state of the arts in America and finds cause for alarm.
Member: $22.00


Art and Politics: a Small History of Art for Social Change since 1945

Decode and Appreciate Political Art
From the postwar works of Pablo Picasso and Alexander Deineka to the Border Film Project and web-based works of Beatriz da Costa, Art and Politics, considers how artists visual or otherwise have engaged with major political and grassroots movements.
Member: $25.00


Ayokunle Odeleye: 32 Years of Public Art

Noted African American Artist, Ayokunle Odeleye's recently published catalogue outlining his career as one of the nations most prolific and celebrated public artists, accompanies his 2012 retrospective exhibition, 32 Years of Public Art.
Member: $32.00



Handmaking America

Handmaking America, reaches back to the Arts-and-Crafts roots of progressive thought, confronting the way right-wing ideology and the power of post-industrial capitalism have undermined work, government; our very way of life, advancing a practical, achievable vision for a good society that can use the capacity of government to recover the essential strength of the American idea.
Member: $15.00


Making Good

Making Good shows step-bystep how any person can achieve financial autonomy, capitalize on global changes to infrastructure, and learn from everyday success stories--providing the skills and insights this generation needs to succeed and build careers and lives of consequence.
Member: $14.00


Uncommon Rhythm

Memoir by White House Champion of Change Aaron P. Dworkin
Uncommon Rhythm is a harrowing yet moving account of Aaron's personal journey through social isolation and discrimination to found one of the nation's cultural jewels, the Sphinx Organization.
Member: $18.00