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Brand Atlas

$ 27.00 - Brand Atlas (Mem Price)
$ 30.00 - Brand Atlas (Non Mem Price)
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Brand Atlas
Brands have become the global currency of success. Countries, corporations, communities, and individuals are leveraging their brands to gain a transcendent advantage in the marketplace. Positioning a brand to be irreplaceable is the new business imperative for both public and private sectors, regardless of product, service, or size.
Brand Atlas synthesizes the most relevant brand topics for the big-picture, time-crunched professional who just wants to get up to speed on brand basics, brand oversight, and marketplace trends. Streamlined content, provocative diagrams, and quotes from brand visionaries and thought leaders make this valuable resource a new experience.
Member Price: $27.00         Nonmember: $30.00
Author: Alina Wheeler and Joel Katz
Book Info: 145pp, hardcover
Publisher: Wiley, 2011
Product #: 433423