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Between Grace and Fear

$ 34.00 - Between Grace and Fear (Mem Price)
$ 40.00 - Between Grace and Fear (NonMem Price)
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The Role of the Arts in a Time of Change
Between Grace and Fear is an inspiring collection of interviews with scholars, artists, community activists and others addressing the role of artists in society. How can art affect change in our communities? Who sparks these changes and how is this passion harnessed? The book delves beyond a community-based vision of the arts to shine a light on how the very idea of creativity is inherently human.

Interviews include: Judy Baca, Sharon Rodning Bash, David O'Fallon, William C. Banfield, Lynn Szwaja, and Lily Yeh.

Member Price: $34.00 Nonmember Price: $40.00

Author: William Cleveland & Patricia Shifferd
Book Info: 416 pp, paperback(2010)
Product #: 357371