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What Is… What If? (Handmade)

$ 80.00 - What Is… What If? Confronting and Configuring a Community Arts Practice
$ 85.00 - What Is… What If? Confronting and Configuring a Community Arts Practice
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Artist and consultant Con Christeson present’s a beautiful collection of stories, essays, exercises, and resources in What Is… What If?

Handmade by the artist, the book has only been created in a limited run and is signed and numbered. For artists, collaborators, thinkers, and doers, the book addresses being mindful, and developing creativity and connections for ourselves and with our communities.

Tactile and visual, the book is a re-searching of the author's career path, and cross-sector influences; a meditation on the role of art and art process in building relationships, accessing culture, and exploring creativity; and a tool to start conversations among us about what is and what is possible in arts-based community development.

$80.00            Nonmember: $85.00
Authors: Con Christeson
Book Info: 160 pp, handmade, limited and signed edition of 100
Publisher: (2016)
Product #: 200200
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