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Franz Mayer of Munich: Architecture, Glass, Art

$ 45.00 - Franz Mayer of Munich (Member)
$ 50.00 - Franz Mayer of Munich (Nonmember)
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Founded in 1847, Franz Mayer of Munich is one of the world’s foremost studios for mosaics and stained glass. Dedicated to the restoration of historic works as well as the execution of contemporary projects for artists and architects worldwide, the family-owned company is widely lauded for its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Generously illustrated, Franz Mayer of Munich takes readers on a tour of the company’s long history, from its genesis as a fine arts manufacturer to the establishment of a stained glass department in 1860 and the period of rapid growth and expansion—including the opening of branches in London and New York—that followed. In addition to the company’s history, essays and photographs provide insight into Franz Mayer of Munich today, documenting projects’ development and realization.
Members: $45.00            Nonmember: $50.00
Authors: Gottfried Knapp and Bernhard Graf
Book Info: 256 pp, harcover
Publisher: Hirmer Publishers (2013)
Product #: 452517