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Monograph: Local Arts Agencies: Crisis and Opportunity

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$ 5.00 - Monograph: Local Arts Agencies: Crisis and Opportunity PDF (Non Mem Price)
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American arts communities are facing significant challenges early in this new century. Whether a large organization or small, all are experiencing the fallout from serious strains on federal, state, and local budgets, and from an economy that has weakened portfolio assets. There are some bright spots, however. Many arts organizations are holding their own with respect to funding. Grants may be smaller or fewer, but many communities are still continuing their cultural programs. LAA executives learned from the last downturn and are actually seizing this opportunity to organize for the future. Some will emerge stronger when the recession is finally a footnote. That time cannot come too soon for most.
Download PDF online from My Transactions after purchase. Publication is out of print.
Member Price: Free Nonmember Price: $5.00

Editor: Anne Canzonetti
Contributor: William Keens
Book Info: 16 pp, report (2003)
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: Mon-Fall2003