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Museums and Civic Dialogue

$ 10.00 - Museums and Civic Dialogue (Member Sale Price)
$ 13.00 - Museums and Civic Dialogue (Non Member Sale Price)
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Case Studies from Animating Democracy
Museums and Civic Dialogue features three exhibition projects that demonstrate how museums can function as effective forums for civic dialogue: The Without Sanctuary Project (The Andy Warhol Museum); Gene(sis): Contemporary Art Explores Human Genomics (The Henry Art Gallery); and Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art (The Jewish Museum). Case studies examine approaches to curatorial practice, interpretation, and education prompted by civic intent; institutional challenges and changes in practice that occurred in doing this work; and the critical importance of partnerships.

Member Sale Price: $10.00 NonMember Sale Price: $13.00
Member Price: $17.00 Nonmember Price: $20.00

Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: 903371