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The Artistic Edge

$ 18.00 - The Artistic Edge (Member Price)
$ 20.00 - The Artistic Edge (Non Member Price)
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This book explores why leadership skills taught through the arts are what young people need most to be successful in life. Competition for jobs is fierce and global and the current state of the world requires an ability to constantly adapt to change. Is the coming generation ready to face the realities of life after school? Education in the arts should not be reserved for the talented few, but promoted as the means for all children to develop skills in: creative thinking, confidence, problem-solving, accountability, relationship building, communication, adaptability and dreaming big. Lisa’s book explores how to give children a competitive edge by giving them an artistic one!
Member: $18.00            Nonmember: $20.00
Author: Lisa Phillips
Book Info: 148 pp, paperback
Publisher: The Artistic Edge (2012)
Product #: 730209
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