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Arts Deployed

$ 9.00 - Arts Deployed (Mem Price)
$ 10.00 - Arts Deployed (Non Mem Price)
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Arts Deployed
This grassroots guide is designed for artists, local arts agencies, and organizations who want to bring creative arts programming to the military service members, veterans, families, and caregivers in their community. Arts Deployed details the health and wellness benefits of the arts across the military continuum and includes examples of programs at the local, state, and national levels. With strategies on acquiring funding, developing your own programming and training opportunities, Arts Deployed offers you the resources to bridge the military/civilian divide through the arts.

Member Price: $9.00 NonMember Price: $10.00

Author: Susan Saloom, Marete Wester, Alicia Gregory
Book Info: 41 pp, paperback (2016)
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product # : AD0001