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State Policy Pilot Program Compendium of Resources PDF Only

$ 40.00 - Compendium of Resources (Member Price)
$ 44.00 - Compendium of Resources (NonMember Price)
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State Policy Pilot Program Compendium of Resources
The State Policy Pilot Program (SP3) was a three-year initiative of Americans for the Arts focused on a three-pronged approach of data collection, technical assistance, and knowledge exchange to work toward influencing implementation of federal mandates or programs at the state level; expanding state support of arts education in policy and appropriations; and impacting local access to arts programs and instruction for students. Through annual grants and technical assistance, Americans for the Arts empowered leaders and stakeholders from ten state teams seeking to strengthen arts education by advancing state policy in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

This Compendium of Resources includes the Summary Findings and Final Report and the 10 state reports.

Member Price: $40.00 NonMember Price: $44.00

Book Info: 388 pp, hardcover (2015)
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: SPPCORD