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Civic Dialogue, Arts & Culture

$ 20.00 - Civic Dialogue, Arts & Culture (Member Sale Price)
$ 24.00 - Civic Dialogue, Arts & Culture (Non Member Sale Price)
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Findings from Animating Democracy
Civic Dialogue, Arts & Culture explores the power of the arts and humanities to foster civic engagement and demonstrates how arts and humanities organizations can be vital civic and cultural institutions. This book examines the experiences of 37 arts and humanities projects, realized by a wide range of cultural organizations, and supported by Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts. These projects explored such issues as race relations, economic inequity, gentrification, school violence, and the influx of immigrants and refugees in communities, among others. The book shares the findings of this highly regarded initiative by capturing the perspectives of artists, cultural leaders, and community partners involved with these projects. Civic Dialogue, Arts & Culture contributes to deepening our understanding of the artistic, civic, and organizational dimensions of the work, as well as the principles and practices that underpin effective work.

Member Sale Price: $20.00 NonMember Sale Price: $24.00
Member Price: $32.25 Nonmember Price: $38.00

Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: 903333