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How to Be a Boss

$ 18.00 - How to Be a Boss (Member Price)
$ 20.00 - How to Be a Boss (NonMember Price)
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How to Be a Boss
Being a boss is about more than bossing people around. It's hard work and if you want to be good at it you have to get two things right: people and process. This is the follow-up to Justin Kerr's rogue corpo playbook, How to write an email. Chapters include: 9 ways to make your team hate you, 10 ways to make your team love you, how to lead your team, how to motivate your team, how to give feedback, how to get people promoted, how to interview someone, how to fire someone, and many, many more...

Member Price: $18.00 NonMember Price: $20.00

Author: Justin Kerr
Book Info: 118 pp, hardcover (2017)
Product # : HBB001