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2017 Public Art Year in Review Download

$ 40.00 - 2017 Public Art Year in Review Download (Member)
$ 50.00 - 2017 Public Art Year in Review Download (NonMember)
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2017 Public Art Network Year in Review
Americans for the Arts annually recognizes outstanding public art projects that represent the most compelling work of the year from across the country.The Public Art Network Year in Review is an excellent educational and advocacy tool for advancing public art in your community.

These downloadable files include a PowerPoint presentation of all selected artworks, a PDF of the presentation, a Quick Reference Guide to the presentation, and project descriptions.

By downloading this presentation, you agree to use it for educational and advocacy purposes only. Please also be aware that the images appearing in these materials are owned by third party copyright holders who have granted permission to Americans for the Arts for use of these images solely in any Americans for the Arts multimedia, print or digital publications, presentations and online archive. Any copying or reprinting of these images outside of the Americans for the Arts materials will infringe the copyright and other ownership rights of the image owners.

Member Price: $40.00 NonMember Price: $50.00

Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Curators: Lucas Antony Cowen, Franka Diehnelt, and Constance White
Product #: PANYIR17