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Ayokunle Odeleye: 32 Years of Public Art

$ 32.00 - Ayokunle Odeleye: 32 Years of Public Art (Member)
$ 35.00 - Ayokunle Odeleye: 32 Years of Public Art (Nonmember)
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Noted African American Artist, Ayokunle Odeleye's recently published catalogue outlining his career as one of the nations most prolific and celebrated public artists, accompanies his 2012 retrospective exhibition, 32 Years of Public Art. 
This 132 page glossy catalogue features full color photographs of his complete portfolio of public art projects - including drawings and models - in addition to articles by noted artists Leroy Clarke, Martha Jackson-Jarvis and Torkwase Dyson as well as curators Andrea Barnwell Brownlee, Ph.D and Anne Collins Smith.

$32.00            Nonmember: $35.00
Author: Ayokunle Odeleye
Book Info: 132 pp, paperback
Publisher: Odeleye Sculpture Studios (2012)
Product #: 552885