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Counting New Beans

$ 22.00 - Counting New Beans (Mem)
$ 25.00 - Counting New Beans (Nonmem)
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Intrinsic impact and the value of art.
We make art because we believe it makes us better human beings. We make art because we believe it makes being human better. So why do we spend so much energy quantifying the economics of what we do and so little quantifying the impact? We need a new way to measure and talk about the intrinsic impact of an arts experience in an individual. We need to bridge anecdote and numbers. We need new beans to count.

Counting New Beans examines the ways theatre artists, administrators, patrons and funders value and evaluate the art they make and consume. This far-reaching volume includes the final report from the research firm WolfBrown in a two-year national surveying project called "Measuring the Intrinsic Impact of Live Theatre" as well as over 20 interviews with artistic leaders, executives, directors and patrons about the changing relationship of artists and audiences.
Member Price: $22.00 Nonmember Price: $25.00

Editor: Clayton Lord
Book Info: 464 pp, paperback (2012)
Publisher: Theatre Bay Area
Product #: 145200