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Monograph: Business Boomers Penetrate Arts Leadership (PDF)

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In response to a surprising shift of cultural leadership between the business and nonprofit arts worlds, the author interviewed 82 people to discover answers to the following questions:
  • Why are baby boomers leaving business-world benefits to enter the nonprofit arts?
  • What did they expect, what did they find, and were they happy with their decision?
  • What are the predicted outcomes of these leadership changes in the arts community?
Most corporate executives changed careers for heartfelt reasons—to give back to their community, to support something they believed in, and to make a difference in an arts organization or in their own lives. Many found their new work more challenging than expected, especially reporting to a board and fundraising. Most consider their transition successful. Leadership change is always challenging, especially when a new leader comes from outside the arts or nonprofit sector. This Monograph examines such issues and suggests how these changes may benefit both the arts and business communities.
Download PDF online from My Transactions after purchase. Publication is out of print.
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Author: Ramona Baker
Book Info: 16 pp, report (2005)
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: Mon-Nov2005