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Clifford Ross: Through the Looking Glass

$ 45.00 - Clifford Ross: Through the Looking Glass (Member)
$ 50.00 - Clifford Ross: Through the Looking Glass (Nonmember)
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Much like Alice Liddell in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, multimedia artist Clifford Ross looks beyond the natural world to uncover another world bound only by the imagination, in which images are reversed and landscapes reimagined in ravishing color. A digital visionary, Ross uses methods old and new to produce exceptionally beautiful and radically redesigned conceptions of reality. This book documents Ross' process, which brought together architects, engineers, craftsmen, and government officials and combined centuries-old construction techniques with twenty-first-century digital technology. With one hundred full-color illustrations from all phases of the wall’s design and construction, ranging from photographs to pencil sketches and computer renderings, this book charts the creation of a modern monument.
Member: $45.00            Nonmember: $50.00
Author: Clifford Ross and Paul Goldberger
Book Info: 176 pp, hardcover
Publisher: Hirmer Publishers (2013)
Product #: 453019