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Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Summary

$ 2.00 - AEP 5 Summary (Member Bulk Price for 10+ summaries)
$ 7.50 - AEP 5 Summary (Member Price)
$ 10.00 - AEP 5 Summary (Non Member Price)
$ 5.00 - AEP 5 Summary (Non Member Bulk Price for 10+ summaries)
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Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 Summary
These 24–page summaries of the new Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 report includes the study's background, scope, methodology, and key findings. They are perfect advocacy tools for Board Members, government officials, and other stakeholders.

For the best savings order a bundle that includes 10 summaries, 100 brochures, and 5 slide rules.

Member Price:
Member Bulk Price (10+ summaries): $2.50/each
NonMember Price: $10.00/each NonMember Bulk Price (10+ summaries): $5.00/each

Book Info: 24 pages (2017)
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: AEPS01