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STREB: How to Become an Extreme Action Hero

$ 17.00 - STREB: How to Become an Extreme Action Hero (Member)
$ 19.00 - STREB: How to Become an Extreme Action Hero (Nonmember)
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Elizabeth Streb has been testing the potential of the human body since childhood. With clarity and humor—and with a world-class dance troupe called STREB—she continues to investigate what real movement is and has come to these conclusions: It's off the ground! It creates impact! It hurts trying to stop it!
In this pathbreaking book, Streb combines memoir and analysis to convey how she became an extreme action dancer/choreographer, developing a form of movement that's more NASCAR than modern dance; more boxing than ballet.
Member: $17.00      Nonmember: $19.00

Authors: Elizabeth Streb
Book Info.: 144 pp, paperback
Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY (2010)
Product #: 616561