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Fundamentals of Arts Management 6th Edition

$ 62.00 - Fundamentals of Arts Management 6th Edition (Mem Price)
$ 69.00 - Fundamentals of Arts Management 6th Edition (Non-Mem Price)
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Fundamentals of Arts Management Sixth Edition
Fundamentals of Arts Management is the classic text in arts management that has been helping professional and volunteer arts leaders learn to connect the arts and community. Combining in-the-trenches experience with scholarly research, our authors share practical information and provide cutting edge tools for artists, arts administrators, educators, students, cultural advocates, civic leaders, economic development specialists, regional and urban planners, municipal officers, and human service organizations.

New chapters and content in the sixth edition include:
  • Creative Placemaking by Tom Borrup, Ph.D.
  • Arts and Cultural Policy by Robert Lynch (Americans for the Arts) and Craig Dreeszen, Ph. D.
  • Online Fundraising by Dee Boyle-Clapp (Arts Extension Service)
  • Greening Your Arts Nonprofit Organization by Sarah (Brophy) Sutton (LEED-AP) and Dee Boyle-Clapp (Arts Extension Service)
Member Price: $62.00 Non-Member Price: $69.00

Author: edited by Dee Boyle-Clapp, Maren Brown, & Maryo Gard-Ewell
Book Info: 500 pp, paperback (2016)
Publisher: Arts Extension Service
ISBN: 978-0-9454641-6-7
Product # : FAM006
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