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The Art of Relevance

$ 22.00 - The Art of Relevance (Mem Price)
$ 25.00 - The Art of Relevance (NonMem Price)
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The Art of Relevance
What do the London Science Museum, New World Symphony, and the National Park Service have in common? They are all fighting for relevance in an often indifferent world.

The Art of Relevance explores how mission-driven organizations can matter more to more people. The book is packed with inspiring examples, rags-to-relevance case studies, research-based frameworks, and practical advice on how your work can be more vital to your community.

Whether you work in museums or libraries, parks or theaters, churches or afterschool programs, relevance can work for you. Relevance is not something an institution can assign by fiat. Your work matters when it matters to people—when THEY deem it relevant, not you. The Art of Relevance will help you identify the people you seek to engage, empathize with their concerns and interests, and develop authentic ways to invite them into your work on their own terms.

The Art of Relevance is organized into five sections and about a million short chapters. The sections cover the definition of relevance, the differences between insiders and outsiders, building relevance to specific communities, tying relevance to institutional missions, and measuring and deepening relevance.

Member Price: $22.00 NonMember Price: $25.00

Author: Nina Simon
Book Info: 200 pp, paperback (2016)
Publisher: Museum 2.0
ISBN: 0692701494
Product #: AOR001
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