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Arts, Inc.

$ 22.00 - Arts, Inc. (Member Price)
$ 24.00 - Arts, Inc. (NonMember Price)
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In this impassioned and persuasive book, Bill Ivey, the former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, assesses the current state of the arts in America and finds cause for alarm. Even as he celebrates our ever-emerging culture and the way it enriches our lives here at home while spreading the dream of democracy around the world, he points to a looming crisis. The expanding footprint of copyright, an unconstrained arts industry marketplace, and a government unwilling to engage culture as a serious arena for public policy have come together to undermine art, artistry, and cultural heritage–the expressive life of America.
Member Price: $22.00      Nonmember Price: $24.00
Author: Bill Ivey
Book Info.: 1364 pp, hardcover
Publisher: University of California Press (2010)
Product #: 267923