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In The Heights

$ 15.00 - In The Heights (Member)
$ 17.00 - In The Heights (Nonmember)
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In the Heights is an exciting musical about life in Washington Heights, a tight-knit community where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open, and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. With its universal themes of family, community and self-discovery, In the Heights can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Find out what it takes to make a living, what it costs to have a dream and what it means to be home . . . In the Heights.
Member: $15.00            Nonmember: $17.00
Author: Quiara Alegria Hudes, Lin-Manuel Miranda
Book Info: 160 pp, paperback
Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema Books (reprint, 2013)
Product #: 874647