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Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Slide Rule

$ 1.00 - AEP 5 Slide Rule (Member Bulk Price for 10+ slide rules)
$ 1.50 - AEP 5 Slide Rule (Member Price)
$ 2.00 - AEP 5 Slide Rule (Non Member Bulk Price for 10+ slide rules)
$ 3.00 - AEP 5 Slide Rule (Non Member Price)
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Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Slide Rule
Want to find the economic impact, jobs supported, and taxes generated by organizations that, on average, share your budget size and attendance? These pocket slide rule calculators allow you to easily estimate the total economic impact of your nonprofit arts and culture organization on the go.

For the best savings order a bundle that includes 10 summaries, 100 brochures, and 5 slide rules.

Member Price:
NonMember Price:
Member Price (10+ slide rules):$1.00 NonMember Price (10+ slide rules): $2.00

Book Info: (2017)
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product # : AEPS03