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Arts Link Magazine: Spring 2022 Issue

$ 0.00 - Arts Link Magazine: The Spring 2022 Issue (Member Price)
$ 10.00 - Arts Link Magazine: The Spring 2022 Issue (NonMember Price)
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Arts Link Spring 2022 Issue
Published three times a year (spring, summer, and a fall/winter double issue), Arts Link provides valuable news and information for arts professionals on the leading topics of the day. Arts Link is free for all Americans for the Arts members and available for purchase for nonmembers.
Featured Stories:
  • How Art Disrupts the Culture of Violence on Public Transit
  • So Far Past the Brink: Systemic Failures for Creative Workers During Covid-19
  • Miami Arts Center: Building Community Inside and Out
  • New Federal Funding Resource Guides
  • Member Spotlight: Mehmet Dede
  • The Complex World of Art and Disability Advocacy
  • Celebrating Black Genius 
Member Price: FREENonMember Price: $10.00
Book Info: 26 pp, PDF
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: ALSP2022