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Trappings: Stories of Women, Power and Clothing

$ 18.00 - Trappings: Stories of Women, Power and Clothing (Member Price)
$ 20.00 - Trappings: Stories of Women, Power and Clothing (Non Member Price)
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Trappings: Stories of Women, Power and Clothing

What do you wear that makes you feel powerful? How about the woman next to you at the bank? In line with you at the store? Think about your mother. What would she put on to reveal her power source to the world? These are the questions that inspired Tiffany Ludwig and Renee Piechocki to embark on a n interview journey across the United States. Over a period of six years, they talked with more than 500 women and girls, ages four through ninety-two, who ranged from office workers to drag kins, stay at home moms to attorneys, fashion industry executives to elected officials and students to cowgirls.

It is these women's sensitive, funny, and always revealing thoughts that are at the heart of Trappings--a book that although begins with a question about clothing is not about fashion at all. Here, clothing is simply a vehicle to access a larger dialogue about a diverse range of issues women face related to power and identity, including what expectations and limitations are placed upon them by their affiliation with a specific gender, culture, race, class, or profession.

Member Price: $18.00 NonMember Price: $20.00

Author: Tiffany Ludwig and Renee Piechocki
Book Info: 256 pp, hardcover (2007)
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 978-0813541846
Product #: TSWPC1