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Monograph: Growing Interest, Shrinking Space: Arts Coverage in U.S. Newspapers

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In 1998, the National Arts Journalism Program (NAJP) at Columbia University published Reporting the Arts, the first comprehensive analysis of arts coverage in mainstream American news media. The report studied trends in space, format, and coverage of arts and culture in daily newspapers from 10 communities and from selected national news outlets. Five years later, NAJP revisited the same 10 communities to observe what had changed in their cultural lives and local media coverage. Together, the publications yield a snapshot of how news organizations around the country are covering culture and, more importantly, how their approaches to arts coverage have evolved.
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Author: Based on a report from the National Arts Journalism Program
by András Szántó, Daniel S. Levy, and Andrew Tyndall
Book Info: 16 pp, report (2005)
Publisher: Americans for the Arts
Product #: Mon-April2005