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Creating the Visitor-centered Museum

$ 40.00 - Creating the Visitor-centered Museum (Mem Price)
$ 44.00 - Creating the Visitor-centered Museum (NonMem Price)
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Creating the Visitor-centered Museum
What does the transformation to a visitor-centered approach do for a museum? How are museums made relevant to a broad range of visitors of varying ages, identities, and social classes? Does appealing to a larger audience force museums to “dumb down” their work? What internal changes are required? Based on a multi-year, Kress Foundation–sponsored study of ten innovative American and European collections based museums recognized by their peers to be visitor centered, Peter Samis and Mimi Michaelson answer these key questions for the field.

The book:
  • describes key institutions that have opened the doors to a wider range of visitors;
  • addresses the internal struggles to reorganize and democratize these institutions;
  • uses case studies, interviews of key personnel, Key Takeaways, and additional resources to help museum professionals implement a visitor-centered approach in collections-based institutions.

  • Member Price: $40.00 NonMember Price: $44.00

    Author: Peter Samis
    Book Info: 198 pp, paperback (2016)
    Publisher: Routledge
    ISBN: 978-1629581910
    Product #: CTVCM1