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Convention On-Demand 2011

Can't make it to the 2011 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in San Diego, CA, June 16-18? Don't worry! We've got the next best thing: Convention On-Demand.

$ 59.00 - Convention On-Demand Sale (Mem Price)
$ 59.00 - Convention On-Demand Sale (Non Mem Price)
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Convention On-Demand 2012

Convention on Demand 2012. Includes the 2012 Year in Review.

$ 129.00 - Convention on Demand 2012
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Field Notes from Creative Exchange

$ 9.00 - Field Notes from Creative Exchange
$ 10.00 - Field Notes from Creative Exchange
Out of stock

Fundamentals of Arts Management 5th Edition

5th Edition

$ 57.00 - Fundamentals of Arts Management (Mem Price)
$ 65.00 - Fundamentals of Arts Management (Non Mem Price)
Out of stock

Fundamentals of Arts Management 6th Edition

Fundamentals of Arts Management is the classic text in art management that has been helping professional and volunteer arts leaders learn to connect the arts and community.

$ 62.00 - Fundamentals of Arts Management 6th Edition (Mem Price)
$ 69.00 - Fundamentals of Arts Management 6th Edition (Non-Mem Price)
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Media Rules

by Brian Reich and Dan Solomon - Mastering Today's Technology to Connect with and Keep Your Audience

$ 17.50 - Media Rules (Mem Sale Price)
$ 21.50 - Media Rules (Non Mem Sale Price)
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Shift and Reset

by Brian Reich - Strategies for Addressing Serious Issues in a Connected Society

$ 39.00 - Shift and Reset (Mem Price)
$ 45.00 - Shift and Reset (Non Mem Price)
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The Nonprofit Board Answer Book

A Practical Guide for Board Members and Chief Executives - by Board Source

$ 39.00 - The Nonprofit Board Answer Book (Mem)
$ 43.00 - The Nonprofit Board Answer Book (NonMem)
Out of stock

The Volunteer Management Handbook

by Tracy D. Connors - Leadership Strategies for Success (2nd edition)

$ 59.00 - Volunteer Management Handbook (Mem Price)
$ 65.00 - Volunteer Management Handbook (Non Mem Price)
Out of stock

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