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Bundles are complimentary products that are being sold together at a discounted rate. By buying the bundle you are getting a collection of items at a lower cos than you could purchase the items individually. Pick your Bundle to save by clicking the Select Item button.

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Arts & Economic Prosperity IV Bundle

This complete set of Arts & Economic Prosperity IV materials contains everything you'll need for your organization and its stakeholders. From the full report to ample summaries, slide rules and brochures to pass on to others, you'll have the necessary information for Board Meetings, community presentations, and other advocacy opportunities.

Set includes: 1 Full report, 10 Report summaries, 5 Slide rules and 50 Report brochures.

Member Price: $83.00 Nonmember Price: $128.00

Publisher: Americans for the Arts (2012)
Product #: 100097-IV

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