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2017 NAMP Workshop: Big Strategies & Real Tactics for Connecting Artists, Audience, and Place

Date: September 12, 2017
Location: Community School of Music and Arts - 3rd Floor, Martha Hamblin Hall, Ithaca, NY

At this workshop, you’ll learn how to develop smart strategies and applicable tactics to help you and your arts organization better reach and engage both new and returning audiences. By taking the best practices from across the country and working collaboratively with other local arts organizations, you’ll not only raise visibility for your own organization, but all of Tompkins County’s cultural offerings as well.

This full-day seminar offers practical application of branding, advertising, and audience development tactics founded on straightforward principles to help guide your marketing efforts for years to come. Starting with a primer on your organization’s mission you will follow that thread through to a communications strategy and a marketing plan that builds on your neighboring organizations’ collective assets.

Participants will gain a sophisticated understanding of how the power of cultural tourism marketing will have a strong impact on each organization’s individual marketing, audience development, and branding efforts long after the conclusion of the workshop. Networking with aligned artists and administrators and collaboratively developing new skills participants will learn about successful cultural tourism case studies, beneficial management structures, working with local anchor institutions, and collaborative programing that builds momentum and solidarity among participants, supporting collaborations and partnerships.

During this workshop, attendees should expect to:

1. Learn how to articulate your organization’s unique artistic offering to a variety of constituencies, including patrons, residents, visitors and potential collaborators.
2. Build momentum around a shared vision for cultural tourism in Tompkins County.
3. Learn best practices for cultural tourism management, policy, and programming
4. Connect cultural tourism efforts to placemaking efforts to brand and build excitement for Ithaca and Tompkins County.
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